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Welcome to Site Manager Home!  What would you like to do?

NOTE:  This Sample Site Manager is not functioning so no updates will be made.  It is only intended to show you how easy
it is to manage the city guide through simple web forms.  Feel free to check out each link...but no changes will be made.

Tutorial This is the place to get started when learning how to use site manager.  Important to read before starting to work with your website..
Site Settings Change your profile, address, email address, and more.  This is also where you can change the business that is "In the Spotlight".
Link Manager Edit, Delete, and Reorder current links.  Add new pages and links to your website
Edit Page Content Edit the content of your site pages. 
Manage Business Directory Here you can view and approve listings that are in the queue and also view, edit, and delete listings from your site.  Also has a lost password feature that allows you to auto-mail their info.
Add a New Listing Quick and easy way to add a listing from scratch if you need to.  Great for adding complimentary listings or if someone doesn't want to sign up themselves.
Add/Delete Categories Allows you to easily manage the categories in your Business Directory.
Manage the Marketplace & Classifieds Keep track of and manage what is happening in your marketplace.  View, edit, and delete items easily.
Banner Ad Manager Manager Banner Ads on your site.   Upload Banners and set prices for your banners.  A great way to earn more income from your site.
Commission / Affiliates Information on your built in affiliate and commission programs, how to sign up for them, link up your ID, etc.  Also, info on how to add your own commission links and banners as well.
Manage Events Calendar Keep your events calendar up to date.  Includes a feature that allows you to delete all old listings with the click of a button.
Billing Manager  Lists your members by expiration date of their membership.  Features an easy, pre-populated email you can send to request payment for renewal.
Mailing List Manager Manage your mailing list.  Send e-mails to list members and more.  Use your site manager username and password to login.
Compact & Repair Databases If you experience problems or slow load times with any of your databases, you can use this to compact and repair them and (hopefully) alleviate the problem.  We also suggest compacting your databases if they are receiving a lot of data, especially the Business Directory and Marketplace databases.